About Troy Buckner


Troy Buckner, the diva, the accountant who cocooned into a novelist and playwright, hails from the South- Lake Providence, LA. Buckner graduated from Southern University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and a Minor in Business Law and Administration. Troy’s academic accomplishment catapults her into corporate America where she encounters injustice at its worse. As a Southern woman, she was taught the art of empowered living. It is no wonder that Troy who was reared by her firm, yet warm, strong, yet sensitive father has willed her affinity, love, life and affection to her children and those close to her. A songwriter/lyricist and literary writer, Ms. Buckner released her first 300 page NAACP endorsed novel, entitled “A Bird In Flight” in July 2007.

Buckner’s latest non-fiction book entitled, “Living Beyond Nightfall” was published in January 2016. Her humility throughout her book is saint-like as she manages to clutch to her last string of composure. Troy’s spirituality is the most redeeming force in her life. God is the centrifugal force of her existence. Her personal testimony will be a blessing to people from all walks of life as they hear and embrace her personal treasures that are demonstrated extraordinarily throughout her book. In life, as in her book, she participates in her destiny with confidence, faith, prayers and hope. She is a single mother with four sons, and a business entrepreneur. Ms. Buckner is the Chief Executive Officer for her company, Hy’Tara Entertainment. She possesses an enormous diversity of professional skills in the entertainment, public and private sector.

Buckner is the Producer and Executive Producer of several thought provoking and soul searching theatrical productions. Buckner has toured her phenomenal experiences. A Passion For Justice day viewed on the Family Expo Stage at the TD Jakes MegaFest in Atlanta, Georgia. She got great reviews from spectators from all over the world. Thanks to Bishop TD Jakes and the Potter’s House for extending this opportunity to be a part of the greatest event in the world. Her phenomenon, ‘Sinsations’, starring the late Tommy Ford from the successful sitcom, ‘Martin & New York Undercover’ and Tony Grant from Tyler Perry’s, ‘Love Thy Neighbor’ which brings us to her latest show stopper, “Love Me In Pieces” she considers her best writing yet.

Ms. Buckner has managed and co-produced Gospel Renown Artist and Stella Award Winner, Kenny Smith and Vernessa Mitchell from the Motown’s Grammy Award winning R & B Group, ‘HiEnergy’. Ms. Buckner is currently writing, managing, and producing several upcoming artists including her son, Rap Artist, Airic Knight. Hers is not just a one woman’s fable of her journey through life, but a celebration of her championing in the race in which she was born to participate and win. Buckner has been seen on TBN, Daystar Television – cable Television stations. Her dream is to produce and direct her own film. As far as this persona goes, she encapsulates balance…this is certainly, “The Encomium of Troy Buckner”.

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