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Troy Buckner is planning to visit Monroe, LA during the month of May, 2017 to conduct a local casting call for her new show, “Love Me In Pieces”. She is also looking forward to meeting with the Mayor and other important personalities in the city.

Troy Buckner was featured on the cover of the September issue of the Hollywood Weekly Magazine along with her inspiring heartwarming story. She was also featured in the Fox Hills Digest.

The week of August 3-6, 2005, Troy Buckner dayviewed her phenomenal experience, ‘A Bird In Flight on Broken Wings’ stage production on the Family Expo Stage at the TD Jakes MegaFest in Atlanta, Georgia. She got great reviews from spectators from all over the world. The play will be going to London, Paris and other countries in 2006. Thanks to Bishop TD Jakes and the Potter’s House for extending us this opportunity to be a part of the greatest event in the world.

The production recently toured North Charleston in July and the response was out of sight. Tickets were donated to the teen pregnancy homes and several women shelters. Royal Baptist Church extended their love and support in a great way for the production.

Troy Buckner day viewed her phenomenal experience, ‘A Bird In Flight on Broken Wings’ stage production at the Rivercenter Theatre in Baton Rouge, LA. She got rave reviews from spectators and the media. Professor Marvin Broome, from LSU and Senator Sharon Weston Broome were in attendance with a host of other renowned individuals. Ms. Buckner donated over 200 tickets to college students, inmates from several correctional centers, halfway houses and battered women shelters of all races. She received comments by many of the attendees that her play/experience was life changing. When asked how she felt about the success of her show, she quoted, ‘If one life is changed thru my testimony, then this journey is worth every bit of brokenness I had to endure,’ unquote.

Please join in and support Ms. Buckner’s productions to tour nations by making a tax exempt donation to this Woman of God’s vision for all people who need to embrace heaven in the midst of their brokenness. Her ministry is dedicated to keeping our young people minds free and their
dream and hope alive. You can be a part of this passion that God has bestowed upon this woman through her life changing experience by planting a seed into this ministry today and watch God do a miracle with this production.