First giving all honor and praise to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I love You because You are the greatest and most powerful blessing in my life. I thank You for never letting me go even when I wanted to give up. You have taught me a lesson that I can share with the world. You gave me the strength to persevere and endure through emotional streets of joy, sadness, suicidal thoughts and in the midst of it all, unilaterally providing a safe environment for my four wonderful sons. You put the broken pieces of my heart and dream back together again.

To my sons, Richard, David, Joshua and Timothy; there is no one in this world who has blessed me more than the four of you. You gave me your love and unwavering support through some pretty rough times in our lives. I love you all forever and always. (Richard thanks for the book cover design and all of the magnificent images you have designed for my projects. You did it son!)

To my parents, Issac and Everlena Gardner, Daddy you are my hero. If it had not been for your undying love for me and the foundation that you built under me to sustain me, I don’t know if I would have made it through this red sea. Madea you were my sweet rose.

To my shadow, Barbara (Niecee), you are an angel and the sweetest sister a girl could have. You’ve been there for me emotionally and physically and I will never forget the sacrifices you’ve made for my family and me.

To my brothers and sisters, Jessie, Isiah (Man), Walter, Margaret, Bertha, Betty and Melda, I love all you. Thank you for your support. (Thank you, Man, for my beautiful car. I will never forget your kindness.)

To the rest of my Christian family from all over the world. Thank you for being there for me and believing in me.

To my partner and friend, Tony Grant, you will always be a part of my life. I love you.

To my friends, Mary Inez Fitzgerald, your prayers have always embraced me; Kathy Kennebrew, you’re my girl, thank you for your encouragement; Erica Brown, you keep me going girl; Cynthia Wilson, you stood by me and I will always love you; Ray Frazier, you keep a dry roof over my head; The late Tommy Ford, thank you for believing in me; Kim Fields, your encouragement got me thru some pretty rough days; Sherrell Jackson, I’ll never forget your kindness.; Robert Wilson, thank you for giving me a new start; Eric Wilson, you’ll always be special to me; Gli Griffin, you’re the best. Jean Carson, you’ve given me a home away from home; the Lake Providence gang, you’ll always be a part of my foundation. A friend is very rare and you all have proven that you can be called my friend. I love you.

To my producers, Roland Pollard, Barbara & Vernessa Mitchell, Kenny Smith, Randy Hall, Kenny Koontz, all you have given me back something I thought I had lost with everything else; you kept my dream alive for me and I will always treasure your dedication. Thank you for not giving up on me.

To my editors, Roy Beasley (we did it!), D.Harris, A. Daly and R. Tennant, all of you have done a fantastic job in making sure this project is a success. Thank you and I love you.

To my website designers, thanks so much. I love it!

To all my church homes, Life Changers Worship Center, ICLV, (Las Vegas) Yorba Friends Church, (Orange County) Sweet Canaan, (Lake Providence) Thank you for your Spiritual guidance.

To my Spiritual Visionaries, Pastor Rodger E. Gardner, Pastor Paul Goulet, Bishop Yardley Griffin, Bishop Noel Jones, Bishop Dwight Pate, Bishop Michael Shaw, Pastor Roland Pollard and the late Pastor Ronald Wilson.

Please forgive me if there is anyone omitted, it was definitely not intentional. Please accept my apology because I love you. Finally, to all of you that believed in my projects and either attended one of my theatrical productions or went out and bought one of my books, thank you so much. Tell a friend!